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The React Framework for Production

There may be many approaches to handling layouts in Nextjs but mine is as easy as can be, and I can explain why. Nextjs is the React framework for production ( It is a remarkable framework for developing applications with React as it comes preconfigured with a lot of must-have features that would otherwise be a pain to configure every time. This is the beauty of building applications with Nextjs.

As a professional front-end developer, it is a good practice to split your large files into smaller units and one way you could do that is by defining your layouts…

The service locator pattern is a design pattern used in software development to encapsulate the processes involved in obtaining a service with a strong abstraction layer. This pattern uses a central registry known as the “service locator”, which on request returns the information necessary to perform a certain task (Wikipedia). In simple terms, the service locator holds all the separate services you need to run tasks in your application and whenever you need a service you ask the service locator and it makes it available.

The service locator is mostly a runtime linker and as such, it is not really…


An overlooked vulnerability in most applications is user inactivity. The concept of what happens to your application when the user that has logged in leaves it unattended in say an open tab and completely forgets about it. This feature though not critical is mostly adopted for finance apps and applications with high risk where even the duration of a vulnerability could be fatal. This countermeasure prevents one of the most basic means of impersonation where an authenticated user leaves the application unattended giving way for unauthorized personnel to use their accounts for malicious purposes in their absence. This is necessary…


To support one of the most secure connections to application instances like databases, you need to connect via SSL and that usually involves having to download the cert files and making the cert files available in your application before your application can place a successful connection. But how do we make this dynamic? We all know that env variables have come to make it easier to configure your application for different environments and dependencies so why not make it such that our SSL files come in as env variables. Genius!!

TLDR: The Secret is BASE64

If you’re here you’re probably…


Security in front-end applications differ based on requirements and as an engineer, your task is to meet those requirements while keeping a remarkable experience for your users. Using the Bearer Token authentication mechanism you would notice some differences in the approach when designing some applications. Financial apps require constant authentication and re-authentication to protect access to your money, but for less serious apps like educational apps and apps for media consumption it's going to be a bad experience for your users to be reauthenticating themselves anytime they come back to your app. …


Docker is a marvel in the developer world because it is that perfect deployment solution that ensures that no matter the machine you deploy your application on (, it would run exactly the same way on production environments. Docker is a must use in every company big or small but the challenge with docker is knowing exactly how to write a build configuration for your application especially if your application has specific dependencies that differ from a generic set. Before you proceed with this article there are certain things you should be aware of:

  1. This article is not for people…

If this is your first article in my modular authentication in nuxt series, I recommend taking a look at the link below before you proceed to understand what is being done in this section.



Its time to get our hands dirty on implementing the authentication solution for nuxt. First things first, we start with a brand new SSR Nuxt project. You can follow the guide at This would be the default scaffolding and the starting point of this tutorial. …

Security is a must-have in any application no matter how basic it is. The concept of securing your app doesn’t only mean protecting against intruders, it also means guiding your users to where they should be and preventing them from accessing where they should not. These guards are necessary because you can never predict how your users will use your app at all times.

As a professional engineer, your application should be the perfect middleman between your end-users and the backend service. Your application should protect your backend from users as much as possible and also perfectly handle any errors…

This is a continuation of my series that talks about my approach to writing Vue/Nuxt code. if you are new to my series you can begin here


With our understanding of pure code and side effects, we need to identify sections within our code that we can call pure and side effects.

In building any application the first question is “what architecture or design pattern should I use”?. Very few of us stick to the default shipped with whatever framework we are using and vue is no different. We are social animals with different experiences in life. Experience is a great factor to perspective and it is as a result of these factors, that there are so many approaches to the same thing.

If you are familiar with Nuxt you know that it comes predefined with a style of separating concerns into folders which to me is beautiful. I mean it just…

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